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Why you should participate in #libuncon & Planning an Unconference, by Michelle Boule


So our great friend Michelle Boule, who is no doubt the library world’s leader in “unconferencing”, has shared with me a bunch of valuable information for librarians planning on organizing and/or participating in National Library Unconference Day ’11.

Michelle’s FYI stats: Michelle Boule is a Geek Librarian living in Houston, TX. Michelle was recently a Social Sciences Librarian at the University of Houston. She now spends her time writing and consulting while trying to care for her growing brood of children* and large dogs. In 2008, she was named a Library Journal Mover and Shaker. Michelle has created online learning environments, taught in-person classes, presented on a wide variety of technology and training subjects, shelved books, read books, written articles, organized unconferences, and participated in subversive activities in an effort to save the world. She has a booki coming out in the Fall on entitled Mob Rule Learning: camps, unconferences, and trashing the talking head from Information Today, Inc..  Michelle can be found online at A Wandering Eyre,

Let’s start with her post on Why You Should Participate in National Library Unconference Day ’11.

And here’s her prezi titled Planning an Unconference.


I’m getting really excited for Unconference Day!!! Our kick-off set of lightning talks (by library greats like Eli Neiburger, Jaime Hammond, and Michael Stephens) will be offered free courtesy of the ALA Learning Round Table. And even if you can’t organize an unconference of your own, we’ll have a full-day live chat unconference at, a twitter unconference via hashtag #libuncon, and you can still check out the free lightning talks at 1 pm EDT. May 2nd, 2011, be there, #makeithappen – JP

*everyone say YAY to Michelle for recently adding another child to her clan!!!! I got to see the pictures and the baby is so beautifulllll.

Sign up now for National Library Unconference Day ’11! #libuncon


Hello all! You can sign up now for the National Library Unconference Day ’11 aka #libuncon, sponsored by ALA’s LearnRT and organized by #TeamRock8 of

Libraries from all over the country are going to be screening our free keynote set of lightning talks and then running their own Unconferences, Staff Development days, and BarCamps.

We encourage you to organize your own at your place of employment, or via your library school student association, or your regional library cooperative or state library association.

For those of you who can’t #makeithappen, will also be hosting two digital unconferences: our twitter unconference will be at hashtag #libuncon, and our live chat unconference will be at

HOW do you sign up?????? Leave a comment here with your name and what uncon you’ll be physically organizing or participating in (including those of your who will be participating in the chat room unconference or twitter unconference). Please use a real email address when you leave the comment, because I’ll be using those addresses to send out a reminder email to you a few days beforehand!

And check back here at every day this week. We have a slew of new #libuncon content!!

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