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National Gaming Day ’10 / HELP!




We’re happy to announce that libraries can now register for National Gaming Day 2010, which will take place on Saturday, November 13.

Registering will also get your location on the national map we’ll be promoting to both the public and the press. Does your library plan to participate in the national Rock Band and/or Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournaments? Be sure to register so we can work with you ahead of time to get everything in place and tested.

National Gaming Day needs your help!!!

Please visit this link for the full post. Help us help the gaming-in-libraries cause!

Hi, Everyone –

I’m happy to say that we have more international libraries signing up for National Gaming Day this year. Unfortunately, we can’t ship the free donation to them, but they still want to participate (hooray for international libraries!).

Right now, a foreign services librarian with the State Department named Elenita is working with libraries worldwide that are partnering with U.S. embassies. She’s asking for our help to give them ideas for games they can play on NGD (Saturday, November 13).

“I would like to suggest free games that they can find on the Internet to play on NGD. Do you know any paper-based games, such as crossword puzzles or word games for them to try? Anything that is low-tech or no-tech based is preferable. Many participants are learning English as a foreign language.”

Does anyone have suggestions to help with this? TIA!


#libgaming (Topic: June 16, 2010: Best of E3)


#libgaming will discuss the following topic today at 4pm EST on Twitter

How will E3′s announcements this week affect your future gaming-in-libraries decisions?

I understand that you may not have had time to keep up with the E3 announcements. You can catch up:’s Microsoft E3 presentation coverage,’s Nintendo E3 presentation highlights,’s full Sony E3 presentation video.

@8bitlibrary on Twitter tweeted highlights of all three press conference while they were happening, so be sure to follow us to stay up-to-date with the latest news in gaming.

And don’t worry, as our discussion reveals itself, much bigger issues than E3 2010 will be raised!

#libgaming chat transcript from 6/9/2010


June 9, 2010 TOPIC: How can libraries get video game publishers more involved and interested in the video gaming in libraries movement?

9:44 AM 8bitlibrary: #libgaming today on Twitter at 4pmEST (here’s the topic!)

10:45 AM jlborgerding: RT @8bitlibrary: #libgaming today on Twitter at 4pmEST (here’s the topic!)

11:35 AM LibrarianJP Today at 4PMest is the #libgaming chat, but with everyone tweeting about the #FailWhale, I wonder how it’ll work out…

15:57 PM cranburypl: RT @8bitlibrary: #libgaming today on Twitter at 4pmEST (here’s the topic!)

15:58 PM baldwind1976:RT @8bitlibrary: #libgaming today on Twitter at 4pmEST (here’s the topic!)

16:01 PM infogdss29: Great prompt: #libgaming

16:03 PM infogdss29: We need a “best games for libraries” award and/or selection list, to encompass all types of games… #libgaming

16:03 PM infogdss29: … for video games, I envision something like BFYA #libgaming

16:04 PM nnschiller: #libgaming What do libraries have to offer game publishers? Marketing? Publicity? Eyeballs on their products?

16:04 PM LibrarianJP: KICKING OFF! RT @infogdss29: How can libraries get video game publishers more involved & interested in video-gaming-in-libraries? #libgaming

16:05 PM infogdss29: John Scalzo did a “bookmark” award in 2008, and editors choice in 2009 #libgaming

16:05 PM JustinLibrarian: @nnschiller #libgaming I think we’re like salespeople. We can really focus on their customers and let them experience their games

16:05 PM finksbrary: Thanks to @argn for the nice article about our summer project #libgaming #arg

16:06 PM JustinLibrarian: #libgaming This is my “call to arms” post on @8bitlibrary to publishers. I just want to light a fire under our ass

16:06 PM infogdss29: @nnschiller all of the above! #libgaming

16:07 PM GameCouch:RT @infogdss29 How can libraries get videogame publishers more involved and interested in the videogaming in libraries movement? #libgaming

16:07 PM JustinLibrarian:  
If libgaming the google group and @8bitlibrary did a best of video games award list, would that get something going? #libgaming

16:08 PM GameCouch: @infogdss29 game reviews in professional journals. #libgaming

16:08 PM kimberlyhirsh: Nintendo partnership info #libgaming

16:09 PM jlborgerding: RT @infogdss29: We need a “best games for libraries” award and/or selection list, to encompass all types of games… #libgaming

16:09 PM kimberlyhirsh: @JustinLibrarian I think it would certainly be a start. We might take the Cybil awards as a model. #libgaming

16:10 PM JustinLibrarian: #libgaming @kimberlyhirsh Thanks for the RT

16:10 PM nnschiller: @JustinLibrarian I’ll buy that. It goes w/ @doctorow ‘s argument “obscurity is a bigger problem than piracy.” #libgaming

16:10 PM JustinLibrarian: #libgaming I think we need to form a knife and gently put it to the throats of the publishers. WE’RE HERE FOLKS. WE LOVE YOU

16:11 PM jlborgerding: I think having an award and reviews in prof journals would get the word out gaming is serious in libraries and not a fad #libgaming

16:12 PM nnschiller: @JustinLibrarian Problem is, we may need them more than they need us. Uncomfortable position, that. #libgaming

16:12 PM kimberlyhirsh: Could we find a way to form a partnership w/EA? They’ve got an outreach program. #libgaming

16:13 PM nnschiller: @jlborgerding Hmmm, collecting worldcat data on games might do that too. #libgaming

16:13 PM steve_librarian: @infogdss29 @JustinLibrarian Also would be nice to have “Opening Day Collection” for games, for libraries looking to get started #libgaming

16:14 PM kimberlyhirsh: @steve_librarian Or a Core Collection #libgaming

16:14 PM LibrarianJP: More important than having these ideas on #libgaming is IMPLEMENTING them, & w that in mind, Ill be talking to publishers in next few months

16:14 pm kimberlyhirsh: Activision Corporate Citizenship|en_US|type:community #libgaming

16:14 PM jlborgerding: @nnschiller #libgaming It’s going to be hard, but we have to prove why they need libraries. Like why studios need libraries for film & audio

16:14 PM JustinLibrarian: @nnschiller You are onto something there my friend. We have to show them that they need us #libgaming

16:14 PM infogdss29: @JustinLibrarian sure – if the video game category is part of broader list for all types of games :) #libgaming

16:15 PM JustinLibrarian: @nnschiller It is much like the dilemma publishers/ebooks/libraries are having #libgaming

16:15 PM JustinLibrarian: #libgaming Look at this post by @librarythingtim on ebooks and libraries

16:16 PM LibrarianJP: (off #libgaming topic) hope to see you all the ALA Open Gaming!

16:16 PM JustinLibrarian: @infogdss29 Heck yes it would be! (sorry, I am so video game minded!) #libgaming

16:16 PM LibrarianJP: DRM/DLC is a big issue for game collections RT @JustinLibrarian: #libgaming Look at this post by @librarythingtim

16:16 PM JustinLibrarian: @steve_librarian It needs an update, but #libgaming

16:17 PM nnschiller: @JustinLibrarian Hmmm. One possible solution, circulating devices w/ digital content, like some dedicated audiobook players. #libgaming

16:17 PM infogdss29: @jlborgerding VOYA, SLJ, & Video Librarian review video games – who else can/should? #libgaming

16:18 PM jlborgerding: Of course who is going to attempt to create these partnerships? ALA? PLA? ACRL? Grassroots? #libgaming

16:19 PM Jessican_DC: RT @JustinLibrarian: #libgaming This is my call to arms post on @8bitlibrary to publishers.

16:20 PM JustinLibrarian: @nnschiller Nice! This would be beautiful. DS systems!

16:22 PM kimberlyhirsh: I think we need to approach publishers w/specific proposals. #libgaming

16:23 PM infogdss29: @LibrarianJP starting the conversation is a good idea – can you get more leverage by having a large organization behind you? #libgaming

16:23 PM JustinLibrarian: RT @kimberlyhirsh: I think we need to approach publishers w/specific proposals. #libgaming (agree. ONE VOICE! LET’S BE FRIENDS!)

16:23 PM nnschiller: @kimberlyhirsh #libgaming Yes! We should know exactly what we want before we ask for anything.

16:24 PM infogdss29: @JustinLibrarian you don’t have to apologize – I’m just thinking, let’s go big! :D #libgaming

16:24 PM JustinLibrarian: @infogdss29: @LibrarianJP Good point on the large organization. I think that’s where this community comes in. #libgaming

16:24 PM jlborgerding: I keep forgetting the #libgaming tag! :P Yep it’s a Hump Day.

16:26 PM jlborgerding: ACRL should review video games, but video games in academic libraries is still in infancy. :( #libgaming

16:27 PM kimberlyhirsh: Also might be better to approach industry groups for partnerships rather than individ. publishers #libgaming

16:28 PM infogdss29: @jlborgerding there’s a whole book on it :) and schools that offer game design seem like they’d have an edge on that #libgaming

16:28 PM nnschiller: @jlborgerding Perhaps a style-guide for academic game reviews? Placing ourselves on the review-criticism continuum? #libgaming

16:28 PM baldwind1976: @finksbrary Love the ARG concepts you all are running.. would love to do an ARG with our community #libgaming

16:28 PM nnschiller: #libgaming What do libraries need from publishers? What would benefit our users most?

16:29 PM GameCouch: @infogdss29 gaming in libraries could have its own standard professional journal (maybe under the auspices of the ALA) #libgaming

16:31 PM jlborgerding: @infogdss29 There are few books but I was thinking awards, reviews in journals, etc. LJ has a gaming column why not C&RL News? #libgaming

16:31 PM infogdss29: @GameCouch sure, if the MIG were to become a roundtable… hmmm #libgaming

16:31 PM JustinLibrarian: #libgaming I think @8bitlibrary and libgaming google group could be the keys to starting up a more professional review thing

16:32 PM jlborgerding: RT @GameCouch: Gaming in libraries could have its own standard professional journal (maybe under the auspices of the ALA) #libgaming

16:33 PM infogdss29: @JustinLibrarian that would give out awards, as well. #libgaming

16:33 PM JustinLibrarian: @infogdss29 @GameCouch YES YES YES YES YES YES! Roundtable!

16:34 PM JustinLibrarian: #libgaming My idea: I’d love to have ALA on board for the full run but while we pursue them, let’s just do it. Have SOMETHING running!

16:34 PM JustinLibrarian: @infogdss29 Yes, we need to give out awards! #libgaming

16:35 PM infogdss29: @jlborgerding LJ’s Games, Gaming & Gamers by @lizdanforth is all-encompassing #libgaming

16:36 PM jlborgerding: #libgaming Give out an award at the ALA Open Gaming (with the after-party at the ALA Dance Party).

16:37 PM infogdss29: @JustinLibrarian actually, that was my thought when I started the google group :) #libgaming

16:37 PM infogdss29: @JustinLibrarian It could be digital… #libgaming

16:37 PM kimberlyhirsh: Seems to me we’re looking at different actions: 1) Specific projects in libraries 2) Awards 3) Scholarly publishing #libgaming

16:38 PM JustinLibrarian: @infogdss29 We partner with love and respect. @8bitlibrary for a common goal! #libgaming

16:38 PM jlborgerding @infogdss29 I follow her on Twitter and have her blog bookmarked, but the RSS feed is messed up and I can’t get it in my reader. #libgaming

16:40 PM infogdss29: @kimberlyhirsh I wonder if there are publisher grant opportunities, like LBP is doing w/ MacArthur #libgaming

16:41 PM kimberlyhirsh: @infogdss29 There’s the ESA Foundation and Nintendo partnerships. I didn’t find much else in a quick search. #libgaming

16:42 PM infogdss29: @snicholson @infomancy RT @JustinLibrarian @infogdss29 @GameCouch YES YES YES YES YES YES! Roundtable!

16:47 PM JustinLibrarian #libgaming Sorry to run, but I’m so out of steam that I’ll start babbling soon and not make much sense. Love you all hearts and good stuff

16:48 PM infogdss29: I’d like to see publishers at ALA, or even local ones at state conferences, but maybe they don’t recoup the investment? #libgaming

16:49 PM jlborgerding: @infogdss29 #libgaming Or goes back to the argument that they don’t have a need for libraries. Just have to show them why they need us.

16:50 PM nnschiller: @infogdss29 Agreed, but I wonder if the ALA vendor floor isn’t waning in influence. #libgaming

16:50 PM infogdss29: publishers could also help underwrite costs of a revived Gamers Learning & Libraries conference #libgaming

16:50 PM JustinLibrarian: @jlborgerding Thank you for the chat! We’ll always be back…

16:51 PM nnschiller: @jlborgerding Right. I think a good first step is gathering data on what we need from them and what they need from us. #libgaming

16:53 PM researchquest: @nnschiller what do they need from us? does our role increase or decrease as the console generation ages? #libgaming

16:55 PM jlborgerding: @researchquest I think it increases. The console gamers are still going to want their games even as they get older. #libgaming

16:55 PM nnschiller: @researchquest Libraries can provide access to gamers, a market for sales, and an infrastructure for an emerging media. #libgaming

16:56 PM researchquest: @nnschiller regardless of introducing new tech to people (Natal), whatever our role is gathering data is never a bad thing. #libgaming

16:56 PM  mrabey: @infogdss29 Doesn’t Comic-Con have big gaming presence? And that happens usually right around same time as ALA–thus no gaming pubs @ ALA

16:58 PM jlborgerding: RT @nnschiller: Libraries can provide access to gamers, a market for sales, and an infrastructure for an emerging media. #libgaming

16:59 PM researchquest: @nnschiller @jlborgerding I agree with your thoughts we have multiple roles. Roles that depend more on our users than their tech #libgaming

17:03 PM jlborgerding: #libgaming Thanks for the chat this week. It was great. I’ll see everyone in 2 weeks! (at a conference next week). Go gamers! :)

17:04 PM ulotrichous: Sorry to miss #libgaming today, but here’s my 2¢: Focus on Marketers and PR firms, not publishers or devs. Most don’t do their PR in-house.

17:06 PM infogdss29: @ulotrichous thanks, eli, that’s an inaluable tip #libgaming

17:26 PM infogdss29: @mrabey ah, didn’t think of that angle! thanks #libgaming

22:00 PM Jessican_DC: @JustinLibrarian I missed most of the #libgaming during my commute. Can you tell me more about the google group?

22:11 PM infogdss29: @mrabey oh, that’s an excellent point! but these are BIG companies with BIG revenue…. #libgaming

June 10

13:22 PM infogdss29: @Jessican_DC – forum for discussing all types of games, in all types of libraries :)

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