Save the Date: National Library Unconference Day ’11 sponsored by the ALA Learning Round Table and organized by 8bitlibrary.com‘s #TeamRock8.


  1. Leave a comment here with your name and what uncon you’ll be physically organizing or participating in (including those of your who will be participating in the chat room unconference or twitter unconference). Please use a real email address when you leave the comment, because I’ll be using those addresses to send out a reminder email to you a few days beforehand!
  2. A day before, I’ll personally send everyone who signed up a reminder email.
  3. This event starts at 1pm EDT. The day-of, come to https://ala.ilinc.com/ about 15 minutes before the event so you have time to work out any tech issues you may have.

What if you don’t sign up?! Don’t worry about it! The day-of, come to https://ala.ilinc.com/ about 15 minutes before the event.


(tweet that link if y’all want -> http://on.fb.me/h2DG7r #libuncon)

Why you should participate in #libuncon & Planning an Unconference, by Michelle Boule



  • Save the date: May 2nd, 2011, 1pm EDT.


  • At your library for a staff development day. Or an unconference for a regional library cooperative. Maybe something hosted at a state library? Or hosted by your state or regional library association. A great place to hold an uncon for National Library Unconference Day ’11 is at an LIS school. It’s totally up to you!



We’ll be streaming a free keynote session full of lightning talks to all participating librarians, libraries and library organizations. Our confirmed speakers so far include:


  • Organize your group, and get ready to change the world. Once you sign up, we’re imaging you’d use a computer + a projector to screen the keynote to your local participants, then you’d get to your individual unconference.
  • We’ll also have a Twitter unconference via hashtag #libuncon and a chat-room unconference at tinychat.com/8bitlibrary. Also, we’re hoping people share what they learned and accomplished via blog posts and youtube videos with the tag libuncon!

It’s time to #makeithappen! signed, JP & 8bitlibrary.com’s #TeamRock8.

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