• Matthew ciuccio
    #1 written by Matthew ciuccio  3 years ago

    Hi JP. Happy new years. I closed my old Facebook account and opened a new one. But mainly spend time on Twitter and G+.

    I had a question for you. I met you during one of your talks for my library sustem(RCLS in New York), the talk was on graphic novels and gaming.

    I have been trying to remember a reference you made during that talk, you mentioned an educator or librarian why was interested and/or used gaming in education.

    I just do not remember his name, do you know who I mean? My wife is a technology teacher in NYC and is going to use gaming in an up owning elective and I think the things you were mentioning about this guy would be of use for her to know.

    Well, hat is all know #makeithappen :)

    -Matty Ciuccio

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