We love media.  We love to serve our public.  We love our jobs.

We are librarians and we are proud.

I was really influenced by Andy Woodworth’s AMAZING People for a Library Themed Ben and Jerry’s campaign in my idea for Project Brand Yourself a Librarian. There is just so much excitement with that project.  It really showed me how much love libraries have from their public and just how dedicated librarians are to their career.

It’s really simple.  If you’re up for it, let’s all get tattoos to show our support for libraries and librarians.  We are who we are.  We are librarians!  Let’s show the world how proud we are!

Let’s do this at the ALA Annual Conference (June 24-29).  If you’ve got ideas on a tattoo parlor, leave a comment.  I’ll gladly be in charge of setting up an appointments for everyone (we should all go together).

1. DOESN’T IT HURT? Honestly, it’s not that bad.  I myself am very scared of needles but I don’t mind getting tattoos.  The worst part is the healing.  WHY?  It itches…

2. BUT IT’S FOREVER! Be proud to be a librarian!  Do you think you’ll be leaving this profession?  See, you won’t.

3. I’VE ALWAYS WANTED ONE…and this is a great chance to finally get one!  Think about it!  Who else can say that they got their tattoo with a bunch of librarians?

(my tattoo, 1 week after getting it.  Healing mode. ——->)